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H. Meiggs a railroad entrepreneur that was loosing financially in the early 1870's that passed his company to his nephew, Minor C. Keith.

Keith took over the business and started to plant bananas on the side of the railroad tracks to feed the workers. The railroad business started to plummet but at the same time the banana trade became lucrative enough to continue to pursue, so he did.

On the 12th of November 1928 the workers of United Fruit, a merged company that was established by C. Keith and other indiviauls in the banana trade, went on strike. Fire was opened on any where from 47 to 2000 approx. workers by the Columbian Army. This event went on to be refered to as the Banana Massacre.

HAPPY NEW YEARS FROM @Yes_ImLesha to You & Yours !

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January 1, 2013 !!

Haaaappy New Years !!

Good Bye 2012 & Hello 2013! It's a new year, new day. Best wishes,be safe, celebrate and enjoy this day!!

Tell me what's the your most important resolution this year ?  


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It's been four years since we started down this road. The first recorded black president took office and here we are approaching elections again. I'm proud to say that our generation has been more attentive in these last 4yrs than during any other election. I'm writing this post to just say VOTE,regardless of who you're voting for, just VOTE but pay attention and know why your voting. Another thing don't down someone because of their opinion, discuss the differences. I wanted to provide some links that would help. One I'm not sure if you all know or not but today is the last day to register to vote. If you need to register you have to print this form and have it post dated by today  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Do you simply want to see if you're already registered ? CLICK HERE .  


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Have you seen these new soda cans ? If you haven't be on the look out for them. My initial thought when i seen these was, wtf O_o ? Why they so small, second thought was like awwww they have 8 cans instead of the original 6, COOL !!! The third thing that came to mind was, okay ummm the can is no longer 12oz its only 7.5oz, that brought my excitement from a 10 to about like a 4. That was enough to make me think and look more into these "trendy" little soda cans to see what the influence was behind them. I came to find out that congress or someone that sits in a high position and help make some of the important decisions about how we live our day to day life is setting a new tax on companies that produce products with high sugar count in them. In response to the new tax, Coca Cola said instead of paying the tax they will serve their products in smaller ​portions to avoid paying this food tax, but they didnt decrease the price considering that they're only giving us 60oz vs the original 72oz that we've been buying for years. I read somewhere that it was about portion control, but my thing is why can't i just decide to pour out the extra 12oz or at the least share with a friend or something ? #portioncontrol , right ?



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Ten years as of Sunday Sept. 11, 2011. Does it even feel like it's has been that long ? I remember where I was when the attacks happened. I was in the 7th grade at Smokey Road Middle School sitting in either what they called Literacy ( the class that former Gov. Purdue added on to the school day that year in hopes of enhancingthe reading in the public school system) or either science class, I can't quite remember exactly which class it was b/c i had the same teacher for both,Mrs. Orman. We were in the middle of doing something and in comes another one of my teachers but for a different period, Coach/Mr. Henderson. His demeanor ,from the time he set foot in the door, said "ALERT,Something is wrong". He said to our current teacher, "Turn on your tv a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center building". She hurried to the tv on wheel is what I called it, you know that tv that you uses in school when you needed to watch a vhs for a lesson,yeah that thing? As we were watching the updates from the first plane crash as the news reporter was in mid speech about what happened only moments ago. We as a class and I'm sure millions of others also, watched as another plan came soaring in from behind the head of the reporter, which was the main focal point of the screen, but you couldn't help but notice this object flying in the sky in the background and then with in an instance also crash and burn into the building. The whole class,including the two teachers that were present at the time were all in a state of shock, which followed by roars of ouuus's and ahhhh's from many of my fellow 7th graders and more in particular, the boys. Which was typical from 7th graders neither of us understood completely what was going on at the moment nor what it meant, but we could feel that it was bad, well I know I could.

Main point is, here were are 10 years later. I wanted to write a post to just recognize those who lost in any form on that eerie morning of Tuesday Sept. 11 2011 and also I wanted to share this interesting find that I have. About 6 months ago I ran across this article that was titled "18th Century Boat Discovered At Ground Zero After The Clearing Of the Rumble", and if not exactly that surely something close to it. What I read in this article was a shocker. I had never heard of this on the news just this random article about this ancient boat that was discovered underneath the rubble after clearing everything out. Read the full articles here. I just have a few questions how much is it worth, could we use the price maybe auction it off to compensate those for their losses? Either way today is a day that we will replay for the rest of our lives and even long after that. If you know a victim embrace them express your deepest empathy, they need it. 



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I was getting ready for my day early one morning. I decided to turn on the tv , which i rarely do, but something said lets see what's going on in the world. I turned it on and kinda forgot about it and started to iron and pick out what i wanted to wear. Somewhere in the middle of many things that I engage in early in the mornings in the background I heard the news reporter say that we may not have the option of shipping things via the postal service anymore. I was probably pressed for time, which isn't unusual in my case, but I don't remember watching the whole segment. The next day I looked up the story on the news channel's website. I read more in detail obviously this is a way more serious situation that we're facing than I thought. Okay, so this is such a big deal that the Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe is reaching out to congress for help. There is a law that prohibits layoffs for the postal service employees. He is so desperate he is reaching out to congress in hopes of getting this law nullified so that he can lay off over 100,000 people. If that isn't bad enough the postal service were unable to pay out 5.5 billion dollars of retiree health care payments last month. I was beyond moved by what I reading that's what compelled me to write this post. I wanted to get involved some how. So what I've decided to do is create a twitition. If you'd like to get involved sign up via twitter and vow to ship out more packages as often as possible. Maybe think of the little things. I know I have a granny that lives in another state that I usually don't write, but she is old fashion so she ships often. As of today I @Yes_ImLesha vow that I am going to ship something as often as possible. Sign the Twitition     



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Voting was the topic on evening on the infamous tv segment 106 & Park when he was a simple question by Terrance, one of the Co-host for the show. I am a Wacka Flacka fan. I REPEAT I AM A WACKA FLACKA FAN AS MUCH AS I AM A FAN TO ANY OTHER ARTIST, but I am not a fan misleading. When you watch the video below, if you haven't already seen it before, you'll hear Rosci, the alternate Co-host of the show, state that there are a lot of youth that look up to the artist. That more or less is the thing that bothers me. I love the culture , the life style , the entrepreneurship that is exhibited, but where is the common knowledge. We've got to start at the core of our issues. He is an adult and when they asked him about voting he said "Yeah I Vote Ma-Dukes Don't Play That" !!

WAIT . . HUH ? WTF ? O_o REALLY?!!?!

Okay I'm not even going to address that one, but what I do want to say is, at the least if you are aiming to be a public figure could you not have the basis covered ? I agree deeply with what Wacka said to an extent. There is a lot of voting that has happened and with that there isn't any result that are improving in most of our local neighborhoods. So, again I say alot and plan to say more but it's not that I'm bashing him. I just wish there was a better response. I wish he could've have said what he wanted to say in a better way, b/c he is representing the culture and that wasn't a very good job. I also wish that didn't have to be his response period. I wish when the things that are suppose to benefit and/or make a difference when it's set into place it would be used for the purpose was intended for. Voting should end in result bottom line they don't there are number of problems that need to be address and he said it.

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Mango has to be my favorite fruit of all.Why,is more or less because every since the day taste one the experience is nothing but a party in my mouth between my salavia, tastebuds, my teeth,and my tongue.The taste of a mango is undeniable, well at least to me b/c i've have ran accross ppl who do not like them. I call them pychos but hey to each its own :).

Facts: there are over 500 different varieties of mangos. Some even say maybe over 1000. I want to go to every location listed here and try every version there is.