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Funny *ish ,but Idk if this Cartoon is appropriate for kids"

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(LOl) Excuse me b/c I am laughing before I can even write this down. I know this is "randomness",but I love the show Spongebob Squarepants. I know everyone has seen an episode of this cartoon show that plays on Nickelodeon. I was watching it the other day and Spongebob & Patrick was "raising" a clam is it me or is this a tricky message that Viacom is sending kids (Lmao)? There is nothin...

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UNITED STATES vs. MIDDLE EAST (the country gangs)

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Osama Bin Laden was pronounced deceased by the United States at 11:40pm eastern time on May 1,2011. That made 9yrs 234 days since 9/11.Now I like to think of war as a gang fight. The leader and all his goons vs. the next leader an...

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"My 4 LOKO Experience"

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'One Night & A Can'

One night a couple weeks ago for the

first time I consumed the alcoholic

beverage 4 Loko,nicknamed "blackout

in a can". Honestly today was the first

time I heard the phrase "blackout in a

can". Me,My cousin,...

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Politics a B****,But We All Need To Be Involved !

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I don't know if it me or not,but I've recently noticed that there are some truly interesting things that are going on in this world of ours. A lot of these issues don't normally concern our generation(age 16-40) or our race (African American).Not to say that other races aren't just as much not involved or caring as us.WE ARE ALL GUILTY of the "overlooking dise...

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Is Nikki Minaj Buttock "Authentic" or "Synthetic" ?

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You may or may not know the youngest female Trinidadian american rapper and singer-songwriter by the name of Onika Maraj. She is one of 13 members of Young Money Entertainment. She signed that deal with the company in 2009 with distribution from universal studio.

She is the best proclaim female rapper out at the moment. She seems to be carrying the torch for all females rapper, whether they like and/or agree...

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Blastoff like a rocket!

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       Okay, here we are starting off. Welcome to my blog make yourself comfortable if you want a beverage I don't have it  :/ SORRY! But be sure to make yourself at home,though :). This first project that we are going to discuss and take advantage of is Blastoff Network. The company was founded in 2008 by founder and co. founder,...

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