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Voting was the topic on evening on the infamous tv segment 106 & Park when he was a simple question by Terrance, one of the Co-host for the show. I am a Wacka Flacka fan. I REPEAT I AM A WACKA FLACKA FAN AS MUCH AS I AM A FAN TO ANY OTHER ARTIST, but I am not a fan misleading. When you watch the video below, if you haven't already seen it before, you'll hear Rosci, the alternate Co-host of the show, state that there are a lot of youth that look up to the artist. That more or less is the thing that bothers me. I love the culture , the life style , the entrepreneurship that is exhibited, but where is the common knowledge. We've got to start at the core of our issues. He is an adult and when they asked him about voting he said "Yeah I Vote Ma-Dukes Don't Play That" !!

WAIT . . HUH ? WTF ? O_o REALLY?!!?!

Okay I'm not even going to address that one, but what I do want to say is, at the least if you are aiming to be a public figure could you not have the basis covered ? I agree deeply with what Wacka said to an extent. There is a lot of voting that has happened and with that there isn't any result that are improving in most of our local neighborhoods. So, again I say alot and plan to say more but it's not that I'm bashing him. I just wish there was a better response. I wish he could've have said what he wanted to say in a better way, b/c he is representing the culture and that wasn't a very good job. I also wish that didn't have to be his response period. I wish when the things that are suppose to benefit and/or make a difference when it's set into place it would be used for the purpose was intended for. Voting should end in result bottom line they don't there are number of problems that need to be address and he said it.

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