Posted on September 10, 2011 at 10:40 AM

Ten years as of Sunday Sept. 11, 2011. Does it even feel like it's has been that long ? I remember where I was when the attacks happened. I was in the 7th grade at Smokey Road Middle School sitting in either what they called Literacy ( the class that former Gov. Purdue added on to the school day that year in hopes of enhancingthe reading in the public school system) or either science class, I can't quite remember exactly which class it was b/c i had the same teacher for both,Mrs. Orman. We were in the middle of doing something and in comes another one of my teachers but for a different period, Coach/Mr. Henderson. His demeanor ,from the time he set foot in the door, said "ALERT,Something is wrong". He said to our current teacher, "Turn on your tv a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center building". She hurried to the tv on wheel is what I called it, you know that tv that you uses in school when you needed to watch a vhs for a lesson,yeah that thing? As we were watching the updates from the first plane crash as the news reporter was in mid speech about what happened only moments ago. We as a class and I'm sure millions of others also, watched as another plan came soaring in from behind the head of the reporter, which was the main focal point of the screen, but you couldn't help but notice this object flying in the sky in the background and then with in an instance also crash and burn into the building. The whole class,including the two teachers that were present at the time were all in a state of shock, which followed by roars of ouuus's and ahhhh's from many of my fellow 7th graders and more in particular, the boys. Which was typical from 7th graders neither of us understood completely what was going on at the moment nor what it meant, but we could feel that it was bad, well I know I could.

Main point is, here were are 10 years later. I wanted to write a post to just recognize those who lost in any form on that eerie morning of Tuesday Sept. 11 2011 and also I wanted to share this interesting find that I have. About 6 months ago I ran across this article that was titled "18th Century Boat Discovered At Ground Zero After The Clearing Of the Rumble", and if not exactly that surely something close to it. What I read in this article was a shocker. I had never heard of this on the news just this random article about this ancient boat that was discovered underneath the rubble after clearing everything out. Read the full articles here. I just have a few questions how much is it worth, could we use the price maybe auction it off to compensate those for their losses? Either way today is a day that we will replay for the rest of our lives and even long after that. If you know a victim embrace them express your deepest empathy, they need it. 


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